Vol. 13 (2008)


In Memoriam – Maksymilian Skotnicki 1937–2007
Alina GERLEE, Stability of Natural Systems – Theory and Practice
Piotr SIKORSKI, Karolina JACKOWIAK, Iwona SZUMACHER, Interdisciplinary Environmental Studies in Urban Parks as a Basis for their Sustainable Management
Michał OSOWIEC, Functioning of Hydrogenic Landscapes the Upper Włodawka River Catchment Basin
Piotr ANGIEL, Geographical Research of the 30th Polish Antarctic Expedition at Arctowski Polish Station (King George Island, South Shetland Islands, Antarctica)
Jerzy BORYCZKA, Maria STOPA-BORYCZKA, Szymon BIJAK, Cyclic Changes of Climate in Europe During the Last Millenium According to Dendrological Data
Katarzyna GRABOWSKA, Storms in Europe (1994–2005) – Their Relationship with Continentality of Climate
Jerzy BORYCZKA, Maria STOPA-BORYCZKA, Bohdan MUCHA, Tendencies in Climate Changes in Poland and Ukraine During the Last Centuries and Their Causes
Elwira ŻMUDZKA, The Influence of Cloudiness on Air Temperature and Precipitation on the Territory of Poland (1951–2000)
Bohdan MUCHA, Bożena KICIŃSKA, Jolanta WAWER, Differentiation of Thermal Conditions in the Vertical Profile of Natural National Park of Carpathians
Katarzyna PIETRAS, Daily Oscillations of the Air Temperature in Selected Coniferous Communities in the Borecka Forest
Katarzyna OSTASZEWSKA, Soil Regions of Poland According to AG Boden Criteria
Andrzej T. JANKOWSKI, Marek RUMAN, Water Level Fluctuations in the Turawa Reservoir in Relation to the Tourist use of the Water Body
Andrzej HARASIMIUK, Soils and Chemical Cycling of Elements After Land use Changes (Case Studies)
Barbara BRAUN, Impact of Agricultural Use on Chosen Soil Properties
Tomasz GRABOWSKI, Will Xerothermic Grasslands of the Ponidzie region Survive?
Robert ŁUCZAK, Distant Yet Linked Places – a Theoretical Outlook on Geography of Contemporary Economic Activity
Sylwia DUDEK-MAŃKOWSKA, Image of Warsaw in the Consciousness of its Inhabitants,Entrepreneurs and Tourists
Mirosław MULARCZYK, Attitudes of Local Government Authorities Towards a Neighbouring Town
Paweł SWIANIEWICZ, Marta LACKOWSKA, Cosmopolitans of Small Fatherlands
Katarzyna DUDA-GROMADA, Tourism Management in the Vicinity of the Selected Retention Reservoirs in Poland
Bogumiła LISOCKA-JAEGERMANN, Katarzyna WOŁOSZCZAK, Transformations of Tourism in the Colca Valley – New Actors and New Patterns of Local Development
Joanna ZWIERZCHOWSKA, Tourism in Rural Areas of Castilla-La Mancha
Karolina SOBCZAK, Changes in the Environment and Migration in Southern Morocco – Example of the Mhamid Oasis
Maciej JĘDRUSIK, Madagascar – an Island or a Continent? On the Notions of ‘Island’ and ‘Insularity’
Katarzyna PODHORODECKA, The Use of Isolation Indicator for Explaining Tourism Arrivals on Tropical Islands
Wiesław OSTROWSKI, Stages of Development of Cartography as a Science
Paweł KOWALSKI, Cartographic Methods and their Correctness on Maps in the Polish Press Since the mid-19th
Jolanta KORYCKA-SKORUPA, Unusual Graphic Solutions and Their Place in Classification of Cartographic Presentation Methods
Joanna ANGIEL, The Vistula River as one of Poland’s Symbols and its Perception by High School Students From Vistula Towns
Agata K. MARKOWSKA, Geographical Paths as an Auxiliary Didactic Resource – a Study Proposal
The Faculty of Geography and Regional Studies