About the journal

“MISCELLANEA GEOGRAPHICA – Regional Studies on Development” is a journal published by the Faculty of Geography and Regional Studies of the University of Warsaw. From 1984 till 2012 it was published under the name “Miscellanea Geographica” in English and French and its main purpose was to showcase the achievements of Warsaw geographers during periodical congresses and regional conferences of the International Geographic Union. The journal’s publishing frequency was proportional to the frequency of these international meetings which recently tended to take place annually. During elaboration issue no. 16, for the 2012 IGU’s congress in Cologne, several significant changes have been made accomplished.

Changes in the Polish science policy, aiming, in particular, at raising the international prestige level of Polish scientific journals, have become an impulse for introducing structural changes to “Miscellanea Geographica”. The following decisions have been made: publishing procedures are to be improved and adjusted to meet the highest standards, the journal is to be published more frequently (quarterly), a new editorial team and an international editorial board have been appointed. Additionally, the faculty changed the journal’s title to one that better reflects the character and structure of the Faculty of Geography and Regional Studies. “Miscellanea Geographica – Regional Studies on Development” is therefore a direct successor of “Miscellanea Geographica” with similar characteristics and scope of covered topics. The first issue completed in new conditions is vol. 16 no. 1.

The journal is meant to be interdisciplinary in nature, which allows for presentation and confrontation of research results in geography, regional studies, economic issues, social, historical and political issues, concerning foremost problems related to broadly understood development, as well as natural, social and economic conditions in various regions of the world. The scale of the presented phenomena is varied, ranging from those occurring locally, through regional and even to − in justified cases relating to comparative studies − global ones. “Miscellanea Geographica – Regional Studies on Development” presents original and not yet published research results and the preferred language of its publication – English is meant to enable access to give the publication to global audience. The published texts are valuable articles written by both Polish and foreign authors which have fulfilled the editorial requirements. The texts are peer reviewed by at least two independent reviewers.