Vol. 12 (2006)

Katarzyna OSTASZEWSKA. Models of landscape units - utopia or necessity?
Marek ZGORZELSKI. Ladakh and Zanskar.
Andrzej HARASIMIUK, Ewa TARCHALSKA, Andrzej PALGAN. Soilgeochemical aspects of land use In abandoned land in central Poland.
Jerzy BORYCZKA. Warming and cooling of the Earth’s climate and their causes.
Jerzy BORYCZKA, Maria STOPA-BORYCZKA. Cyclic temperature and percipitation fluctations in Poland in the 19th - 21st centuries.
Elwira ŻMUDZKA. Pressure field over Europe and North Atlantic favourable for the occurrence of clear and cloudy days in Poland.
Katarzyna GRABOWSKA. Dangerous weather phenomena in Europe in the year 2000 and their dependence on circulation.
Jerzy BORYCZKA, Bohdan MUCHA, Maria STOPA-BORYCZKA, Jolanta WAWER. The influence of the North Atlantic Oscillations (NAO) on the climate of Warsaw and Lviv.
Bożena KICIŃSKA. Dependence of air quality conditions in cities in north-western Poland on the direction of air inflow.
Urszula KOSSOWSKA-CEZAK. Changes of the thermic seasons in Warsaw in the period 1933-2004.
Małgorzata BOGUCKA, Artur MAGNUSZEWSKI. The sedimentation processes in Włocławek reservoir.
Edyta KALIŃSKA. The role of morphogenetic and anthropogenic processes in the development of gullies and methods of their prevention (on the example of the vicinity of Kazimierz Dolny).
Piotr ANGIEL. Variability of textural characteristics of sandur deposits of Fláajökull and Falljökull (Se Iceland).
Andrzej WALEWSKI. Methods of examining the nature-man relationship in Warsaw Regional Geography.
Tomasz RADZIEWICZ. Possibilities of balancing of anthropogenic changes of relief and water conditions in the Tatra Mountains.
Iwona SZUMACHER. City parks in Europe.
Maksymilian SKOTNICKI. The natural environment nad changes in population distrubution.
Florian PLIT. Desertification: on significance of the term and research of the phenomenon.
Jerzy GILAROWSKI. Natural and cultural landscapes of equatorial Africa.
Mirosław MULARCZYK. Social and occupational changes in small towns in the Świętokrzyskie voivodship during the transformation of political system.
Wioletta KAMIŃSKA, Mirosław MULARCZYK. Development and distribution of private microfirms in mid-size polish towns during the transformation period.
Tomasz WITES. Depopulation of the Russien far east. Magadan Oblast: a case study.
Magdalena BARAŃSKA. Type of demographic evolution in the microstates.
Waldemar WILK. Westarn European Retail chains in the Czech Republik, Poland and Slovakia – similarities and differences.
Mirosław GROCHOWSKI, Magdalena FUHRMANN, Mikołaj MADUROWICZ, Marek PIENIĄŻEK, Waldemar WILK, Tomasz ZEGAR. Warsaw metropolitain area in an international relations network.
Mirosław GROCHOWSKI, Marek PIENIĄŻEK, Waldemar WILK, Tomasz ZEGAR. Trends of economic development of Warsaw and their spatial implications.
Bogumiła LISOCKA-JAEGERMANN, Maria SKOCZEK, Joaquín Roberto Gonzáles MARTINEZ. Transformation of rulal commuties in Las Huastecas Region in Mexico. Preliminary field research report.
Maciej JĘDRUSIK. On the evolution of tropical islands economies in modern times.
Sylwia KULCZYK. Perspectives of development of ecotourism in West Africa - examples from Niger, Mali and the Ivory Coast.
Małgorzata BEDNAREK. Methods of assessment of the natural environment in examining the reletionship between its diversity, values and tourism in Western Australia’s National Parks.
Katarzyna PIRASZEWSKA.Economic significance of tourism in the Lesser Antilles.
Joanna ANGIEL. The role of didactic trails in geographical education in Poland.
Jerzy SIWEK.Evolution of sozological maps in Poland.
Andrzej MACIOCH. Modern methods of use of geographic maps in field research for localisation of objects.
Karol KĄCKI. The application of decision binary trees to assess the usefulness of the digital terrain model in studying the reletionships between relief and vegetation in the Polish High Tatra.
Karol ZAREMSKI. Differentation between forms of urban development using the object-oriented classification method with central Warsaw as the example.
Piotr WERNER. Simulation of changes of the Warsaw urban area 1969-2023 (Application of Cellular Automata).
Paulina POKOJSKA, Wojciech POKOJSKI. Geographical dimention of internet domains.