Vol. 11 (2004)



Andrzej RICHLING The Concept of the Natural System and Its Importance for the Development of Integrated Research on the Natural Environment
Katarzyna OSTASZEWSKA Four Fundamental Methodological Problems of Landscape Geography
Sylwia KULCZYK Landscape Boundaries – Belts or Lines? Examples from Southern nad Northern Poland
Ewa MALINOWSKA Application of Soil Science Research to the Determination of the pollution of the Pollution Resistance Potential of Lanscape
Andrzej HARASIMIUK, Magdalena CYRCZAK Soil-Plant Relations on Sandy Grassland in the Middle Vistula River Valley
Bogumił WICIK Chemistry of Raw Humus vs. Chemistry of Atmospheric Precipitation on the Example of Pine Forests of the Pomerenian Lakeland
Agata HASSO-AGOPSOWICZ, Maria JELEŃSKA, Bogumił WICIK Magnetic Susceptibility of Chernozems
Barbara STOJEK Plough Sole as the Result of the Agricultural Land Use
Marek ZGORZELSKI Orographic Barrier of the Great Himalaya
Marek ZGORZELSKI Orographic… Photos
Wojciech LEWANDOWSKI, Marek ZGORZELSKI Wall-Sided Glaciers
Wojciech LEWANDOWSKI, Marek ZGORZELSKI Wall-Sided Glaciers … Photos
Piotr ANGIEL, Mariusz POTOCKI Change of Grain Size Parameters of Sediments as a Result of Wind Activity. Barchans Jarangiyn Els in Gobi, Mongolia
Joanna MARKOWSKA The Origins of the Plitvice Lakes (Croatia)
Jerzy BORYCZKA, Maria STOPA-BORYCZKA Climate of the Europe. Past, Present, Future
Urszula KOSSOWSKA-CEZAK Contemporary Warming and Daily Values of Temperature (on the Example of Warsaw)
Elwira ŻMUDZKA The Climatic Background of Agricultural Production in Poland (1951-2000)
Paulina POKOJSKA Application and Verification of a Water Balance Model with Distributed Parameters (on the Example of Rega River Basin)
Jarosław SUCHOŻEBRSKI The Size of the Basic Unit in Geographic Analysis
Urszula SOMOROWSKA Inferring Changes in Dynamic Groundwater Storage from Recession Curve Analysis of Discharge Data
Wojciech POKOJSKI Inertia of the Catchment Systems within the Polish Lowlands
Elżbieta BAJKIEWICZ-GRABOWSKA The Role of Lakes in Natural Groundwater Drainage
Zdzisław MIKULSKI The Development of the Utilisation of Water Power in Poland
Florian PLIT An Interdisciplinary Study of the Farafra Oasis (Egipt) by a Team from the Institute of Developing Countries at the Faculty of Geography and Regional Studies of Warsaw University
Dobiesław JĘDRZEJCZYK Geopolitical Essence of Central Europe in Writings of Eugeniusz Romer
Krzysztof TRZCIŃSKI The Significance of Geographic Location for the Success of Trritorial Secession. African Example
Tomasz WITES Abortions in Russia Before and After the Fall of the Soviet Union
Mirosław MULARCZYK Development of the Jewish Urban Settlement in Israel in View of the Theory of the Innovation Diffusion
Waldemar WILK The Effect of Changes in Administrative Division on the Economic Position of the Largest Cities in Poland
Stanisław OSIŃSKI Changes in Poland’s Industry After 1989
Anna DUDEK The Development of Tourism in Protected Areas and the Exploitation of the Natural Environment by Local Communities in Africa and Asia
Maciej JĘDRUSIK Nature and Tourism on Tropical and Subtropical Islands
Wiesław OSTROWSKI Types of Topographic Map Generalization: The Example of the 1:50 000 Map
Wiesław OSTROWSKI The Concept of the New Topographic Map of Poland at the Scale of 1:50 000
Wiesław OSTROWSKI The Concept of the New Topographic Map… Map
Tomasz OPACH The Problem of Cartographic Representation in Relation to the Polish Cultural Landscape
Paweł KOWALSKI Development and Function of Maps in the Transmission of Press Information in Poland
Jan Romuald OLĘDZKI Geoinformatics – An Integrated Spatial Research Tool
Damian ABSALON, Andrzej T. JANKOWSKI, Mieczysław LEONIOK Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in Environmental Research and Water Menagment
Stanisław LEWIŃSKI, Karol ZAREMSKI Examples of Object-Oriented Classification Performed on High-Resolution Satellite Images
Małgorzata MYCKE-DOMINKO The Remote Sensing Method of Forest Fire Danger Rating Categorization